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Invitation – Bruno Latour questionnaire


Dear reader,

In our search for opportunities hidden in this crisis, we came across the questionnaire formulated by philosopher Bruno Latour, which aims at making sure that once the pandemic ends, "things don’t start again as they were before".

The answers to the six questions he proposes can offer us both the changes we imagine and the way to achieve them. This email is an invitation to answer them (by writing to, on a personal level or as architecture practitioners, in English or in German. Feel free to forward it to whoever you think might also be interested in thinking about these questions. We will collect the answers and share some of them online with you all. We look forward to learning how you think we can all contribute to another future, and how architectural education, design and research can help achieving it.

Question 1: What are the activities now suspended that you would like to see not resumed?

Question 2: Describe why you think this activity is harmful/superfluous/dangerous/inconsistent and how its disappearance/suspension/substitution would make the activities you favor easier/more consistent. (Make a separate paragraph for each of the activities listed in question 1).

Question 3: What measures do you recommend to ensure that the workers/employees/agents/entrepreneurs who will no longer be able to continue in the activities you are removing are helped in their transition toward other activities.

Question 4: Which of the now suspended activities would you like to develop/resume or even create from scratch?

Question 5: Describe why this activity seems positive to you and how it makes it easier/more harmonious/consistent with other activities that you favor and helps to combat those that you consider unfavorable. (Make a separate paragraph for each of the activities listed in question 4).

Question 6: What measures do you recommend to help workers/employees/agents/entrepreneurs acquire the capacities/means/income/instruments to take over/develop/create this favored activity.

(If you wish for your answers to remain anonymous, please indicate it in your email, and we will not mention your name when publishing the results.)

Looking forward to reading your replies.
Kind regards

Studio An Fonteyne