Simon Morris

Learn to Read Differently

19.09.2018, 14:30 (HIP C1)

Simon Morris is Professor of Art & Director of Research at Leeds Beckett University. In 2002 he founded the independent publishing imprint information as material which he co-edits with Craig Dworkin, Kaja Marczewska and Nick Thurston. In 2010 he curated The Perverse Library, the world’s first exhibition of conceptual writing and from 2011-12 he was writer-in-residence at the Whitechapel Gallery in London [with Craig Dworkin & Nick Thurston].  He is the author of numerous books, including bibliomania [with Helen Sacoor] (1998), The Royal Road to the Unconscious (2003), Re-Writing Freud (2005), Getting Inside Jack Kerouac’s Head (2010), Do or DIY [with Craig Dworkin & Nick Thurston] (2012), Pigeon Reader (2012), and the edited anthology Reading as Art (2016) all with information as material and has also directed two documentary films sucking on words: Kenneth Goldsmith, 2007 & making nothing happen: Pavel Büchler, 2010.