Studio An Fonteyne

0.Kanal - collaboration with Radouan Mriziga

11.03.2019 → 23.03.2019 (KANAL – Centre Pompidou, Brussels)

Following the seminar-week, 6 students were offered to participate in 0.Kanal, Radouan Mriziga’s contribution to the festival Performatik in spring 19 in Brussels.


How can dance and architecture create a new kind of space together? During Performatik19, choreographer Radouan Mriziga will install a residency project at KANAL – Centre Pompidou. Together with architecture students of ETH Zurich - D Arch - Studio An Fonteyne and in close collaboration with the studio, he seeks to establish a contemporary educational practice that reformulates the models of space. Mriziga is building on his conviction that we can only think and act through a combination of body, mind, and intellect. Architecture students are challenged to combine their thinking in space and making of space with a strong and specific bodywork. After weeks of practice and design, you are invited to come and see the working process during the day and join the performances in the evening!


Participating students:
Joël Berger, Saida Brückner, Oliver Burch, Blanka Major, Kelly Man & Sara Sherif