You're Not My Type #10

Vera Sacchetti feat. Dept. of the Ongoing

28.09.2022, 12:30 → 28.09.2022, 14:00 (Design in Dialogue Lab, ONA ground floor)

You're Not My Type lecture series 

Architectural practice is highly regulated, either explicitly through regulation, or implicitly through unwritten standards. But should we always follow the rules? Standards of comfort, of architectural conservation, of ecological performance: what do these standards actually represent? What kinds of histories, narratives or typologies do they produce or impose? This lecture series takes disobedience as a starting point. What kinds of architectures are made possible when we decide to disobey? How do we enact disobedience as a method for designing new ways of thinking about dwelling? When we think of standards, policies, histories or typologies as fictions? In this third iteration of You're Not My Type, a series of guest speakers will reflect on how disobedience can lead to enticing methods to produce, conserve or imagine architectures. 

You're Not My Type #10
28/9/22, 12:30, Design in Dialogue Lab (ONA ground floor)
Vera Sacchetti 

Vera Sacchetti (Lisbon, 1983) is a Basel-based design critic and curator. She specializes in contemporary design and architecture and serves in a variety of curatorial, research and editorial roles. She is currently program coordinator of the multidisciplinary research initiative Driving the Human: Seven Prototypes for Eco-social Renewal (2020-2023), which supports transdisciplinary research on sustainable futures; and co-initiator of the Design and Democracy platform (2020–), which maps the intersections and overlaps between design and democratic systems and practices. Sacchetti teaches at HEAD Geneva, and in 2020 joined the Federal Design Commission of Switzerland.