Latour Questionnaire

In the midst of the first worldwide lockdown, in April 2020, we came across the questionnaire proposed by French philosopher Bruno Latour. Its 6 questions propose a reflection on potential opportunities hidden in this crisis, aiming at making sure that once the pandemic ends, "things don’t start again as they were before".

The answers to these questions can offer us both the changes we imagine and the way to achieve them. We therefore decided to circulate the questionnaire by email within the Department of Architecture of ETH Zurich, hoping to learn how members of the department – students and teaching staff alike – think we can all contribute to another future, and how architectural education, design and research can help achieving it.

This incremental archive will keep growing, showing the evolution of perceptions of a potential for change throughout the many months of the pandemic. Extracts from the answers we received have been selected and will gradually be shared on this website.

The project is still ongoing, and if you are interested in participating, you can write to this address: