Studio An Fonteyne

Nina Rickenbacher

Re-use CIBA


Three parts of the laboratory building BAU127 are distinguished through an analysis: elongated, bright, lateral rooms, dark, closed rooms in the middle and a connecting and communicative circulation zone. The result of this found potential is a 24H building, where worlds meet, complement each other, but also create tension between day-active and night-active zones. They sense each other and exist next to each other. The moment of separation and meeting of different people is the core of this work.

The early birds reach the bright rooms via the staircase, apparently cut out of the massive core, where they gain insights into the darkness. The night owls take the stairs, which seemingly accompany them through a bright, filigree world to finally enter the dark world. By playing with existing doors as windows and cutting out the corridor, clear paths are defined and visual references are generated across the floors.

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