Studio An Fonteyne

Mirjam Kupferschmid

Re-use CIBA

Living Laboratory

How do you want to live? How much room do you want to share with your flatmate, your family, your pet, your neighbour or a stranger? The clear structure of the existing high rise can serve as an experimental laboratory to explore diverse ways of living, leading the way for the development of the adjoining residential neighbourhood. Various typologies of apartments are introduced into the structure to create a gradient of private and shared spaces from top to bottom.  
All flats have one thing in common: However much you share, you still depend on further infrastructure that is not provided by your own apartment. Therefore, the ground floor, the first and second floor as well as the rooftop are shared by the residents and the public.
With the introduction of loggias, the high rise that did not reveal anything about its use before, becomes readable as a diverse residential building.

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