Studio An Fonteyne

Thomas Winkelmann

Re-use CIBA

Horburg School

The extended Horburgpark, in the heart of Klybeck, links the existing residential areas to the developing neighborhoods on the former industrial zone. Together with the newly introduced primary school, located in the earlier Ciba canteen and machine hall, the park offers a central space of exchange and interaction in the quarter.

In addition to the park as shared communal space, certain parts of the school, such as sports facilities, the café or the library on the rooftop, are also accessible to the broad public. In that way, an extended social environment can be offered while using the rooms in a more economic way.

A new thermal skin on the inside of the building is introduced, allowing for the significant curtain wall of the sixties to be left untouched. The winter garden between these two layers connects all the rooms, it is the core of the school where much of daily life takes place.

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