Lena Stamm & Natalija Bajovic

Gas Station

It’s the cheapest coffee here around. That’s why I’m coming to this gas station every day. On Monday I talk to the gardener who’s on the way to his next client. Tuesdays, I normally talk to the owner. And Wednesdays of course you. Every day I’m meeting someone else. It’s never boring here.

I look out the window. The floor is getting closer. Streets become visible, fields, houses, people in their gardens. Every second, the view is changing. Oh and here you see the gas station. That means we are back in Zurich. I’m waiting for the feeling of the plane touching the runway.

Today there is a westerly wind. A plane lands every few minutes. The noise, the assumed danger, duck, hands over your head, protecting, then relief. I like this sublime feeling. Short time later, the ritual is repeated. This moment when everything is moving. The gras falls down and the walls are almost cracking while the airplane is rushing over your head. I linger here for a few landing approaches.

Loading Station

The train arrives at the station. I get off, walk through the underpass, then along Bahnhofstrasse. The town is growing.  I see the old houses disappearing, the new ones being built. It looks urban. I pass the bakery, buy a bun. A small house at the traffic circle, a relic of the village. 

I got a new car. An electric one. It is super quiet when I drive. My only problem, where to charge if I’m not familiar with the place. I turn around and around. I need a sign.

I drive inside the building. Park my car, plug it in to charge. One hour. I take my bag, go to the changing room, change. 55 minutes. Shower, then swimming, through the transparent facade I can see outside. I swim 12 lengths. Then I take my towel, go upstairs.  30 minutes. On the deck chair. I watch the turbines turning, producing energy. The sun on my skin, relaxing. 10 minutes. Back to the changing room, then downstairs. 5 minutes. I walk into the shop, buy a coffee, not the cheapest one. Then my car is ready.