Natalija Bajovic

38 Rooms

Dead ends instead of continuous green space. Dead ends, which are also reflected in the function-oriented residential floor plans of the modernist architecture on Triemlifussweg. Hardly any space for circulation, a repetitive use of the same path over and over again. Can the rigid existing structure allow for different paths, encounters and forms of living?  What if rooms and apartments had several entrances?

Based on movement flows, the strictly predetermined use of spaces is to be discarded in favour of the individual needs of the residents. Instead of functions, rooms are defined. Instead of fixed flat sizes, flats can grow or shrink as needed, which is why the same building volume can ultimately accommodate more inhabitants and thus contribute to inner densification. Determined by the existing building, there are now 38 rooms per floor, which can be connected at will to form a chain of rooms and an apparent endlessness of interior spaces.

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