Leonie Müller

Triemlikorridor: Discovering and Enhancing the Character of Triemlifussweg in 7 Acts

Lined by large-scale and lengthy blocks of flats from the 1960s and 1970s, the park landscape of Triemlifussweg has been created between Gutstrasse and Triemli. Where city planners once had an express road in mind, a gravel path leads through birches, beeches, pines and spruces which grow in loose groups on the lawn today.The almost one-kilometre-long green space is not only a pedestrian connection, but also has an meaningful recreational function for the neighbourhood residents.

The following deeds are based on the repertoire of traditional landscape gardens. Nevertheless, the materialisation and objects react to site-specific finds and observations, transformed or defamiliarised, multiplying the associations one can see in them. The targeted interventions gently sharpen the senses of the wanderers and visitors. They show how the landscape could develop, but most of all they enhance what is already here.

For more information please refer to: works.arch.ethz.ch or triem.li