Ina Stammberger

Center for Movement & Mobility

Which potentials are lying within the Engros market for the further development of the Herdern area? Set in the outskirts of Zurich West, the area is marked by generosity, the anticipation of growth, as well as a constant flow of goods and people that pass through its infrastructures. 

Set on public ground and given the over-dimensioning of the market structure, the foundations are laid out for a metamorphosis. The expansion of the structure allows the integration of the new Hardturmstadion and in turn the protection of the Hardturmbrache, which is strongly contributing to a sense of local identity. 

By interweaving additionnal sport facilities as well as a bus station, a new typology is formed, which is capable of strengthening existing site-specific urban qualities.

The project illustrates how a former monofunctional, non-accessible market structure could turn into an open, heterogenous conglomerate, offering spaces for movement, mobility and encounter.

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