Lena Stamm

O.D.E.R. - on planned obsolescence

Zurich’s construction activity in the last 20 years has been dominated by “Ersatzneubauten” (replacement buildings). The desire for inner densification, energy upgrades and the opportunity to exploit returns led to this reality. An increase in grey energy and a decline in affordable housing are condoned. Older buildings get demolished in order to achieve today's living standards. Standards that will change in the future. What will happen to these replacement buildings in 50, 100, 150 years? Will they suffer the same fate as their predecessors?

In search of a possible future for replacement buildings, the O.D.E.R label tests "Ersatzneubauten" on their performance while facing different kinds of obsolescence, decay and on becoming a ruin. These 3 scenarios are exemplified on 3 Ersatzneubauten along the Triemlifussweg.

For more information please refer to: works.arch.ethz.ch