Jana Bohnenblust

Work Life Live Work

Work life live work is about the relationship of working and living and how these two functions come together in our daily life. And how these typologies are found in Regensdorf and express themselves architecturally. Through observations in the agglomeration of Zurich different models of the relationship between working and living came into focus.

Following these typologies, a proposal is made, how they adapt the space to their needs. Changing existing “work”-buildings of the ZWHATT-Areal in Regensdorf into a different typology, where working and living are much closer together.

The existing complex is transformed, new roads are introduced, and the spaces are divided in differently sized units. These units have two entrances - one for a business and one for living. Inside the structure can be used as needed and can also be adapted ulteriorly.

For more information please refer to: https://worklifelivework.com