Nathalie Clausen

Front Door Back Door

In the industrial area of Regensdorf one comes across several buildings which from the outside appear to be a regular office typology, but once crossing their threshold a great variety of uses and users can be found. To adapt the found place a great flexibility is required from these prac­tices. This call for appropriation exploits the possibilities of a building. Although the circu­lation space is shared by many different groups, an exclusion is formed over several doors.

Thinking about the new development that is to be built in Regensdorf, the question arises: How can these found practices co-inhabit the ZWHATT-Areal? By rethinking circulation space, hereby not only understood as a quick connection from A to B, but seen as a collective space, lively and occupied, a deserved access for the practices is created, examined through the study of two buildings that are yet to come.

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