Ling Xu

Along the Backbone

Initiated from a promenade that is expected to vitalize the new development in the master plan, the project is to empower the forgotten spaces between buildings as a public social street by observing rather than planning. A consequence of interventions is applied along the way, from a column to pavement, from a canteen to a gallery, from coexistence to transformation, disrupting, and connecting. People are encouraged to discover and experience the urban quality of the ever-developing city.

The flowing boundaries of the Furttal promenade were redefined through the design of a bio-corridor, street lighting, and urban furniture. The promenade bridges four distinct architectural spaces: a flea market, a carpenter's workshop, a canteen, and a gallery.

By formalizing neglected uses and revitalizing common shack structures along the promenade, the linear street space serves as the city's backbone, enlivening and connecting neglected uses by empowering different institutions: locals and immigrants, motorists and pedestrians, plants and insects.

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