Beatriz Klettner-Soler

Everybody‘s free to make bread

„Everybody‘s free to make bread“. A Manifest

Brussels as an example of a densi ed european experience. e Tour Sablon, as a building with potential.
e Maison du Peuple as a ghost from the past, that in uences the future. And the European Quarters as a no mans land in the middle of the city, enclosed by aquariums and big shes swimming inside with little idea of whats on the other side. And so we nd ourselves in the Marolles district. on a site encompassed by Notre Dame de la Chapelle, resi- dential buildings, a circular plaza and a roundabout. e European Citizens House will stand here.
I choose to deviate the road going through rue Joseph Stevens and rue de Pigeons, consequently transfor- ming the quarter streets into pedestrian areas. us our House becomes the center of this pedestrian zone, the destination of a short pilgrimage.
e building is thought for the community. It‘s mirror fassade stands out of its surroundings, re ecting every movement and detail of what‘s in front of it. Just before entering, you see yourself, and once inside, you‘re in a public interior of which the main source of light comes from the big space where bread is being made and shared.
In this building you may encounter your neighbour, the children that live on the street paralel to yours, the teacher that you had in high school, friends of your grandparents, friends of yours, but also many strangers, strangers that somehow feel familiar.
You can, make your own bread, see how bread is made, buy bread, go to the bar, have a drink or two and a good conversation, buy a good book, about europe, or not. Go up to the exibition space, smell the bread and feel the di erence of temperature in the room. See how europe is presented, and maybe understand a little. Go watch a lm, meet someone in the o ce spaces, or swing by the ateliers and produce something yourself. Public resource, such as a big library and multimedia resources, starts at the tower together with the learning center. And if you come from abroad, or your children are tired you‘ll nd sleeping rooms above.
e grand hall of events is at the very top. And just like the bakery, it‘s on during the day and also during the night. Marking a point of reference and a source of light, for the surroundings and the city.