Magnus Lidman

The EU is dead - Long live Europe!

The EU is Dead, Long Live Europe!

Three Orwellian slogans of the European Union:

‘Economy is Culture’ ‘Crisis is Stability’ ‘EU is Europe’

We, the founders of the European Citizens’ House, do not believe in the current development of the European Union and we set ourselves in opposition to its practices.

Economy is NOT Culture.

There is no one ‘European culture’ that would represent a single European identity. The European Union is solely based on economics, and fails in representing the different cultures of the peoples of Europe. The Citizens’ House allows people to represent themselves and their cultures through making, exhibiting and teaching.

Crisis is NOT Stability

The EU suffers constantly from existential and economic crises, that paralyze the people to not take action. At the Citizens’ House, concerned voters from Europe come together to discuss better options for stability and solidarity to aid individuals and countries in difficulty.

EU is NOT Europe

The very idea of the European “union” is endangered because of the power of the financial markets and the setbacks in democracy. We aim to build a better Europe, found on a new basis, on a renewed hope. We believe in cooperation and solidarity for peoples of Europe and of the world. We are looking for a positive way out of the crisis, based on democratic, social and peaceful principles, which is reflected in the new Citizens’ House. It is a building open to the public. The entry hall is a public interior that can be transformed by citizens using exhibitions, performances and demonstrations that spill out onto the square. Rooms attached to the hall can be rented for any use like writing workshops and community discussions. The two-facing 400-seat auditorium, that can be used for theater as well as debates, is reached from the grand stairs. Here is the bar where people meet in-between events to discuss. At the top of the stair cascade is the making space and public resource center. Makers of different kinds, like carpenters, designers and artists show and teach their craft. Visual connections allow people to take part in auditorium events from a distance. In the resource center citizens can read, research and get free legal counseling from lawyers of the non governmental organizations with offices in the tower. The tower gives the possibility for NGOs to rent affordable and flexible office space where they can do their volunteer work. In the tower is also communal living space where activists and citizens can stay during their visits to Brussels. They share meals in the communal living spaces. Crowning the sky scraper is a festive gathering space with a view of the whole city where the engaged citizens and activists can come together to celebrate their victories on the path to a better Europe!