Nando Helbling


Europe is a multilingual, multicultural and multidimensional psephite (conglomerate).

The building is a place offered to the citizens of Europe to produce and dream, to live and learn, to express and enjoy. The service of the Program is maintained by its residents, which live in the tower as long as they are involved in a function of the tower or if they are in need of a place to stay. The residents are organizing discussions, lectures, readings, plays, movies, workshops, cooking’s and publishing services. The conflicts and solutions, dialogues and expressions are a Representation of the Citizens of Europe. The resulting Melting pot of Europa should raise the awareness of belonging together.

The Building is organized in layers, which contain a main activity. There is the Library, the Stages, the Street, the serving layer, the Productions and the layer to exhibit. The Layers are connected through one cross axes and sometimes lap into one another. This organization allows to focus on one activity, but at the same time to be aware of the neighboring activity. These connections based on all senses should contrast and enhance the interest and curiosity of the Citizens. Through curiosity, which is also an optimistic attitude, the Citizens will be able to make new connections and build new relations with one another. Europa becomes therefore a multilayered building with the possibility to look over the horizon of one single layer.