Yves De Prà

Cirque du Sablon

Come in, welcome to the Cirque du Sablon.
You may not understand everything around here, but I am sure you will find something for you only. What you will find is a variety of transparencies, a big pot to nibble.
We build on moments of togetherness, because we address to a society that can afford almost everything. In times when people are more and more living alone, we answer with a program that can only work and being built up by a community.
On the grand stairs in the entrance arena we discuss and talk together, we observe and experience together.
In the makers atelier we design and shape together.
In the tower we work, we dance and we live together.

Europe never had and never will have an “European identity”. There is no European passport, but that should not be in the center of attention anyway. There are multiple identities and Europe in twenty years will have drastically changed from the Europe as we know it, since more and more citizens don`t have their origins in Europe itself anymore.

It seems that “Identity” is equated more and more with “Citizenship”, especially in times when a large group of “foreigners” are knocking at the doors of our countries.
That is why the aim of a “European project” shouldn`t lie in the creation of an overarching identity, but more in the institutionalization of a unity and the celebration of differences.

Our house is filled with Moments of all sizes, that gradually vary in terms of privacy, size and purpose. The intention is always the same – to give room for thoughts, ideas and dreams.

We are here, in the heart of Brussels, hiding between the Palais de Justice and the Eglise Notre Dame de la Chapelle, despite our great heights. Here at the place Emile Vandervelde, we may be almost invisible from the outside, but inside, life, people and spaces are thrilling, colorful and full of communication. We are the postal code and the telephone-number of Europe, but we don`t have a phone. Come and visit us.