Home-less or Just Less at Home

Home-less or Just Less at Home looks at the inhabitation of the public sphere to expand on the notion of being-at-home. It departs from the interest in people practicing home-making outside the built and questions the boundaries in which buildings tend to divide between private and public spaces. By looking at examples of academic research, documentaries but foremost fiction, the home is explored as a fluid space, drawn around memories and habits, that can transverse material boundaries.

The research then goes into applying the observed narratives to a specific space in Zurich and wonders: how would our buildings look like if we lay the attention on these memory-scapes? The design proposal works along the facade and uses it as an instrument to blend in-between different conditions of intimacy and togetherness.

Home-less or just at home is an attempt to question the sensibility in which the state of “home-less”-ness is perceived. Instead of mending it as a problem it uses it as an inspiration to think about what it means to be-at-home.

A focus work (vertiefungsarbeit) by Sophia Trumpp (FS22)