Assembling, to assemble: 'to gather together in one place with common purpose', 'to fit together all the separate parts of something'. To bring together in order to exchange, dialogue and learn collectively beyond the status quo. To connect specificity with multiplicity. To acknowledge multiple bodies and multiple forms of spatial knowledge and assume the importance to set up conversation between them. 

Gleaning, to glean in: 'to gather after a harvest'. To engage with what's already there. To learn from the existing. To acknowledge intelligence that is already present in the room. To engage with what happens in the crack of things, before 'we call the classroom to order' (Fred Moten & Stefano Harney). To stick around, to deal with the sticky side of things into the messy yet rich reality of lived architectures. 

Producing, to produce: 'not a day without a line drawn' (Paul Klee). To assume the importance to not only reflect but also to act. To make legible what already exists through drawing, to make alternative futures for spatial practice tangible through design and spatial scenarios. To make space that is missing, to make space for who is missing. To use architecture as a driver for change.